The best of Barcelona Food and Drink El Born has to offer!


Well, I can hardly contain myself long enough to write this post! Yes, It is finally upon us, the launch of our new day time tours in El Born. I pride myself on creating the perfect tour & experience for all of my guests. And believe me, it’s a tough job to make sure every element of the tour is perfect!  And with so many places serving some of the best that Barcelona food and drink has to offer it was tough – but I can officially say – we have cracked it!

Barcelona Food Tour

I have been busy meeting food business owners all across El Born, and have eaten & drank my way back! (It’s a hard job but someone has to do it what can I say, that is my level of commitment to you all! ;)) I can now say with 100% honesty it is one of the best things to do in Barcelona this summer! The tour has 7 stops & over 15 food & drink tastings and is the perfect mix of Catalan & Spanish traditions and culture.


So what is a food tour?


Ever since I launched Born Toro Tours, I am constantly asked this question by friends & family. My response simple – it’s four hours where you live the life of a local – off the beaten track – away from the tourist traps – eating and drinking the best that area has to offer. What I think the best part of food tours though is actually the ‘fun’ & ‘learning’ elements that go hand in hand with the perfect tour. When you book onto a tour or an activity this is the most crucial element to look for in my opinion. After all, your time is limited on any holiday and you want to make sure that every hour spent, is one spent well.



I try to bring fun and lots of laughter into every tour that I take. Guests immediately feel at ease and that’s the most important thing. All of our tour stops each have an amazing personality / or personalities in some cases waiting for us. You don’t just experience a location but also the people behind its creation. Our first stop introduces you to a third generation of families that created one of the oldest and most magical patisseries in El Born, and not just that… they bring us deep into their kitchens and tell us just how they create the most mouth-watering freshly baked goods in possibly one of the biggest ovens I ever laid eyes on. It’s a journey itself. This is the true essence of a food tour. Showing my guests – the true spirit behind the food. The true passion that is made with. Always with love. Check out the gallery on our site for some great photos of Catalan food and drink!


Of course, I couldn’t possibly give away the other details of our stops – as I would ruin the element of surprise. But, what I can say is that each and every venue is as fantastic as the rest & I am so proud of what myself and my friends have created. We visit some of the best restaurants and markets that Barcelona has to offer and each as exciting as the rest. Making this tour one of the best tours and day trips to do during your stay in Barcelona.

Barcelona Day Tours


The tour is four hours where you laugh, learn, eat & drink with new friends that you may never have met before. At the end of those four hours, you leave armed with a wealth of local knowledge and information and a whole list of cool places to check out during your stay. As we wander, unlike some other tours and activities in Barcelona we stop at many different places explaining their history and importance in Catalan culture today. We even tell you the best things to do and see on our wanders past the Picasso Museum, Santa Maria del Mar & so many other attractions nearby. You will be a Barcelona pro by the time we have finished!


Barcelona Things To Do


To me though it’s all about the full experience. From the moment we meet you to the moment we say goodbye. It’s amazing to see our guests enjoy each venue & interact with not only the owners but each other. That is what makes it so special. It’s amazing with each tour group the range of ages, outlooks, nationality and personality types we get. You really are a mixed bunch – and that is what makes it work. Sometimes some of your fellow guests could be people you may never have met on your travels unless you had taken the tour – and I have seen some of the best friendships start right here with us. That is what makes each tour unique and each tour more amazing than the next!


So thank you to all of our guests who have come before & here’s to all of the new ones I am yet to meet on our new Born Toro Barcelona Food and Drink Day Tours. I can’t wait to meet you! (and of course to eat, drink & laugh with you too!) Salut!


Love & Gambas,


Misty X

Born Toro Tours – Owner & Lead Tour Guide


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